Trio of Angsty Poems (also from last year)

By Shira Adams

For Cyclamen

Your father
Is an ogre.
Body of
A man
Hands arms
Legs feet
Brain of
A child with a
Fucked up

But he wanted to
Keep you. I
Did not.
Not with him. Not
Now. Not

Your father
Is an ogre. A
Big fat ugly ogre
Selfish, loveless,
Under sheets

Your father is an ogre
And your
Is too.


I don’t care if
You never loved me.
It would make
Me a hypocrite
If I did
I never loved you
Either. It was
Always her.

And anyway
You’re a little bitch.
You couldn’t even
Graduate high
School on time
Though you’re
Way smarter than
I’ll ever be.

So you finally got
In to BCC.
At least that’s
Something. But I
Have a feeling you
Dropped out again.
Why don’t you just
Tell me?

I don’t give
A shit.
Just don’t get
In trouble. I don’t
Want my boyfriend
To get caught
Shooting up
In the street
It’s embarrassing.

Oh wait
You’re not my
I gave up when
You forgot
To call. On that
One day of
And how could
You forget?

I am not your
Woman. So don’t
Treat me like
A cheap

What Am I?

I always thought
I liked boys
A lot.
Like a whole lot.
And I never gave
A thought to my
Own gender
I don’t think.

But then
I met Ashlee
And we grew
So we went
Camping on the Cape.
We had wine
And drugs in
Weird concoctions
And something happened that
I do not remember.

She wouldn’t tell me
What it was
Though she cried
All night.
But I guessed correctly
And for a year
The world was

Then I met Kendra.
That was love
Unmistakably. Just
Like I felt
For David Zach and Jeremy

And Noah
You were always
There. Through
All of it.
You gave me your
Ears and your

I really loved you
In my way
Not like them.
Not like
Ashlee and Kendra. With
Pretty curl and
Silky thigh

But Noah I’m
Confused and you know
About these things.
So please can you
Tell me
What am I?


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